Version 2023.0.0

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Version Preview 2023.0.0 is released on on July 12th 2022.

Warning: This is a early alpha version with limited map size for testing purposes only!

Several features are no longer supported in 2023, we are working on solutions for old projects.


  • New OpenGL 3D Viewport (alpha version).
  • Update to Java 17, resulting in ~20% performance increase.
  • Editor panels now overlap the 3D Viewport and have been restyled.
  • Mouse interaction is now more aligned with other 3D software products.
  • Improved performance for buildings and triangulation of roofs.
  • Option to show and overlay in the navigation panel and change it's icon.
  • Indicator bar is only visible when the project has indicators.
  • Editor menu is now half the original size.
  • Several big and smaller bug fixes.

No longer supported

  • To support multiple scenarios in the future Timeline projects are no longer supported.
  • Admin and Beamer apps. Note: keep alive can be found in options->sessions panel.
  • Levels are renamed to Scenarios (work in progress).
  • Introduction panels, messages, loans used primarily in impact sessions.
  • API calls and events related to these functionalities.
  • Experimental version for MacOSX.