Version 2022.7.0

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Version LTS 2022.7.0 is released on on May 20th 2022.


  • Added option to filter buildings, areas, overlays etc by category, relation or attribute.
  • Building menu only shows neighborhoods when panel has many items.
  • Functions can be selected by double clicking.


  • Improved memory management allows for ~20% bigger jobs to be calculated.

Custom Geometries

  • Custom Geometries (e.g. 3D BAG) can now be removed via building panel.
  • Changing building attributes no longer removes the Custom Geometry.
  • In building panel the Roof Color option is replaced by Geometry Color.


  • Bug fixes and improvements for Geo Plugin WFS.
  • Improved keep-alive by logging all web activity.
  • Maintenance windows are now also announced in the Editor.
  • Restricted overlay parenting. Overlay is either parent or child, not both.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.