Version 2022.5.5

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Version 2022.5.5 is released on on February 10th 2022.


  • New layout for New Project/Template panel.
  • Improved zoomed-out & free cam navigation.
  • Outside project area is now grey instead of water.
  • Improved water and terrain visualization quality and performance.

Basic Mode

  • Basic mode is a big (180x180 km) medium-resolution (5m grid) map.
  • Basic mode is Free BETA for partners only and max 3 projects.
  • Basic mode is work in progress for a full-resolution version in 2022.


  • Update Aerius Overlay to version 7.


  • Updated certificates for Installers.
  • Improved endpoint and response documentation in API.
  • Bug fix for CRS detection in JSON files.
  • Added network type Sewer.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.