Version 2022.5.3

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Version 2022.5.3 is released on on January 27th 2022.


  • Improved rasterization speed for all Overlays.
  • Execute prequels in parallel and reduced overhead.
  • Added more progress feedback when updating.
  • Combo, WMS and WCS Overlays show calculation progress and can be cancelled.


  • WaterOverlay Key rename: AQUIFER_HEIGHT has been renamed to AQUIFER_DATUM for consistency.
  • Weir dam generation is now linked only to the "Weir dam multiplier" attribute.
  • Drainage overflow now strictly placed on water cells and land is lowered to the configured overflow datum height.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculated flow of passive drainage overflows
  • Automatic object entry correction search distance can now be set via the attribute.
  • Added design flood elevation to advanced settings in wizard.
  • Bug fix for unstable drainages.


  • Improved ESRI Feature service connections.
  • Improved supported sources for Geo and Source wizard.
  • Improved support for latest Intel Drivers.
  • Updated Cinematic user instructions.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.