Version 2022.5.2

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Version 2022.5.2 is released on on January 21th 2022.


  • Storage amount is now based on license type, from 100MB to 1TB.
  • Storage amount is visible in My License panel.
  • Data is compressed by default to save storage space.


  • Temp fix to allow continuing with latest Intel drivers.
  • Event example call for API triggers.
  • Bugfix for cinematic recording.
  • Bugfix for geo plugin sources.
  • Bugfix starting test runs with template panels.
  • Bugfix for DEM in combination with metro lines.
  • Improve user feedback for WMS/WCS.
  • Several textual improvements.


  • API returns correct mime type for text UTF8.
  • Added better JSON example to API event pages.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.