Version 2022.4.0

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Version 2022.4.0 is released on on December 6th 2021.

Geo Share

  • Accessible from main menu, no session needed anymore.
  • Support directories and accessible from GeoWizard.
  • Drag and drop directories into Geo Share window.
  • Support for more file types (e.g, txt, pdf).
  • Integrated Geo Share into firewall.
  • NOTE: Update BREAKS old viewers, re-add to fix.


  • GeoTiff input has been replaced by Grid input.
  • Water Overlay supports multiple grid inputs (e.g. water level, elevation).
  • Grid Overlays can be resized to 25cm and max 5 billion cells.
  • Watershed Overlays now ignore no-direction values.
  • Geotiff Overlay can now reference multiple geotiffs, where each geotiff is a separate timeframe of the Geotiff Overlay.


  • GeoPlugins can now be (de)activated in the advanced options panel when selecting a new project area.
  • GeoPlugins can now also reference GEOJSON files from the Geoshare.
  • GeoPlugins can now handle WFS sources that only support GML data.
  • The Geo-Wizard now supports a Geometry-filter as an alternative to the Name and Value filter.
  • The Geo-Wizard now supports generating an automatic matching based on existing Function Names. This also applies to Stakeholders, Net Types and Terrain Types.
  • Fixed a loss of precision issue of coordinates originating from imported GML data that was defined in latitude and longitude degrees.


  • New XC-Query option that selects all items in e.g. a neighborhood.
  • Api calls to query endpoint can now contain multiple TQL statement.
  • Editing existing global queries in the Query tool controller is now also possible.


  • Improved CRS support, with option to force XY (Longitude, Latitude).
  • API references related events and better examples.
  • Bugfix for cache clearing on inactive projects.
  • Update to underlying GPU architecture.
  • The Waterbalance panel of Water Overlays are no longer disabled on test runs.
  • The 2D map viewer organizes its overlays now better and will play timeframes automatically when selected.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.