Version 2022.3.1

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Version 2022.3.1 is released on on November 2th 2021.


  • GeoTiff overlay input has been replaced by Grid data.
  • Old GeoTiff input are converted to GeoTiff Grid Overlays.
  • Grid data can also be selected based on a specific timeframe.
  • Avg Overlay now supports Attribute arrays -> timeframes.
  • Avg Overlay now supports Addresses distributed based on floor space per building.


  • 3D BAG by tudelft3d is now accessible as advanced option when starting a project.
  • Project Sources now also contain an information URL with extra details.
  • Fixed a bug in editing a Geo Plugin's source
  • Fixed a bug where incorrectly configured Geo Plugins were stalling the Map Creation process.


  • Option to cancel and see progress of long running tasks, e.g. rasterization and building import.
  • The address table now correctly shows and interprets all Bag Purpose types instead of only the first.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.