Version 2022.3.0

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Version 2022.3.0 is released on on October 22th 2021.

Geo Plugins

  • Height Plugins: The DEM can be overridden using GeoTIFF data sources when generating new projects. The DEM can be override either before and after waterways are applied to the DEM.
  • Height plugins are configured in template projects.
  • GeoTIFF can be selected from the GeoShare folder and added as a source to the project and be referenced by Height Plugins.


  • Traffic overlays now supports traffic intensities per hour and supports up to 24 timeframes.
  • Traffic default direction has been improved (work in progress).
  • NO2 and Noise (Traffic) Overlays now have new extra result types.
  • NO2 Treefactor detects trees automatically (work in progress).


  • Address BAG function and surface size are now address attributes and now accessible by TQL.
  • Grid data in compressed, improving performance for larger projects.
  • Average Overlay can also be used for NO_DATA interpolation (work in progress). See the Average Overlay wizard for the added option.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.