Version 2022.1.0

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Version 2022.1.0 is released on on September 3th 2021.

Core Update

  • Updated core platform libraries.
  • Support for latest geo algorithms and many performance updates.
  • Web API provides better security and is now case insensitive to query keys (improving compatibility).

Geo Plugins (BETA)

  • New feature that allows user to load custom data sets (WFS) at project creation.
  • Support for Buildings, Areas and Roads.
  • Filter on single or multiple attributes.

Parametric Design (BETA)

  • New feature that supports multiple plot functions, see Tools->Template->Geo Plugins.
  • Improved plot generation for rectangular shapes.
  • Fitting margin allows more optimal designs.
  • Existing roads are also taken into account in the percentages.

Travel Overlay

  • Now also supports a Grid Overlays as traversable input.


  • Removed I3S support for several Dutch cities (no longer public data).
  • Several smaller bug fixes.