Version 2021.8.5

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Version 2021.8.5 is released on (Preview) on Jan 22th 2021


  • Flow per timeframe in Breaches and Sewers are now stored as Area attribute.
  • Flow in objects (breaches, weirs, etc) can now also be visualised/exported in the measurement tool.
  • Improved performance of large import events (e.g. 500K Infoworks triangles as Areas).


  • Added option to save design as Measure.


  • Added option to set start year & temperature.

Solar Panels

  • Can now be positioned on the roof (e.g. north, south, etc).


  • SMILE and ZIPSMILE are no longer typed (special format used internal).
  • Typed JSON is no longer listed in API.
  • Improved API import of buildings, areas, terrains, etc.


  • Bugfix for Sub Domain project size.
  • Bugfix for invalid Y Query.
  • Kill session now also kills long running events (e.g. importing 100k+ buildings).
  • Several smaller bug fixes.