Version 2020.5.7

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Version 2020.5.7 is released on (Preview) on Monday February 24th 2020


  • Fixed an issue where the WFS service would not properly load in Arcmap.
  • Fixed an issue where I3S geometries were not shown for parts of the map.
  • Improved height and floor calculation of imported I3S geometries.
  • Fixed an issue where heightmap was not correctly adjusted for edges when importing terrain with height adjustments.
  • Fixed some 3D interaction issues with the manual editing tool for networks.
  • Fixed an issue where internal QuadTree crashed.
  • Fixed an issue where time zone was incorrectly calculated.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid GeoTiff data was not displayed.


  • Improved kill functionality for frozen sessions.
  • Improved handling of Special Effects also removed some old effects from interface.
  • Updated the water storage indicator to include measure's additional water storage.
  • Fixed an issue where Measures could get negative costs.
  • Fixed an issue where Measures could get invalid images.
  • Standardized Date formats to e.g. 21 Feb 2020.
  • Reduced and compressed texture size of 3D models (faster loading).
  • Several smaller bugfixes.