Version 2020.5.5

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Version 2020.5.5 is released on (Preview) on Friday February 7th 2020

BAG Buildings

  • Housing buildings are no longer merged together.
  • BAG Buildings have a IDENTIFICATION attribute linking to the BAG id.
  • Improved Rooftop algorithm.
  • Fixed BBOX query issue where not all buildings are loaded from BAG.
  • Added fallback for the calculation of the amount of floors when the building's height is not (yet) present in the AHN data. This fallback will use the BAG address size.


  • Fixed coordinate inconsistency between API endpoint and WFS data.

User Interface

  • Moved Water Overlay detail settings to the Advanced Settings in the Water Overlay Wizard.
  • Added more options to the Edit attribute panel, similar to Remove attribute.
  • Improved search filters and added tips how to use search queries for Arcgis Catalogs.


  • Improved data streaming in several algorithms, resulting in better overall performance.
  • Landmark buildings have been deprecated and replaced by the new I3S/SLPK functionality.
  • New garden models.