Version 2020.4.0

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Version 2020.4.0 is released on (Preview) on Friday December 13th 2019

GEO Integration

  • Editor Selection Draw-mode now supports drag-and-dropped geojson files as a blue print for the selection. Furthermore, a selection specific Geo-wizard can also be used to select a blue print for other sources.
  • Map selection in new-map wizard now also support drag-and-dropped geojson files for automatically selecting a project area location.


  • Including the surface water in the GROUND_WATERTABLE Overlay has now become optional.


  • Text panels can now also be templated.
  • Text panel: $ATTRIBUTE_A to get the value of associated object (e.g. neighbourhood) attribute named A.
  • Text panel: $NAME $ID to get the name/id of the associated object (e.g. neighbourhood).
  • Text panel: $STAKEHOLDER $STAKEHOLDER_ID to get the name/id of my Stakeholder.
  • Text panel: $GLOBAL_B to get the value of a Global B.
  • Text panel editing can also be done with an enlarged text field.


  • Faster validation for networks, resulting in faster start-up and saving of projects.
  • Faster loading of large amount (1 million+) of TQL queries.


  • Now possible to upload your own custom Javascript Library.


  • Bugfix for crashing calculations after changing the grid size on non-square maps.
  • Small Waterwizard bug fixes.