Version 2020.3.0

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Version 2020.3.0 is released on (Preview) on Friday December 6th 2019


  • WFS support has improved and it is also possible to use filters, e.g. only buildings of category road.
  • WFS support now also incudes editing network lines and loads.
  • WFS now supports inserting new features (e.g. buildings, neighbourhoods, areas, etc)
  • Attributes of WFS features can be edited and saved directly into the Tygron Project.
  • WFS editing is supported by QGIS, we are still investigating if this is also possible for ArcGIS.


  • New query clause GRID_WITH_ATTRIBUTE, this allows users to define an overlay based on a specific attribute instead of the ID.


  • The SSL certificate has been updated.
  • The data-structure for Grid overlays has been changed, this makes it possible to support 2 billion+ grids in the future.
  • Multiple smaller bug fixes.