Version 2020.2.0

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Version 2020.2.0 is released on (Preview) on Friday November 1th 2019


  • Added weir angle for Weirs, which are used to automatically raise land and determine the weir entry cells.
  • Added link to culvert wizard to automatically calculate weir angles.
  • Hydraulic structures now record and visualize object flow per timeframe.
  • Added more wizard feedback for Culverts, Pumps and Sewer overflows.
  • Added simulation time next to timeframe index in interface.
  • Limit rain is now limit area (no groundwater, surface flow etc).
  • Limit area can be based on water areas or special project area.
  • Option to do infiltration only (instead of full groundwater model).
  • Inlet/outlets now also show flow through the object.


  • Improved performance for large geotiffs (30km+ maps).
  • Improved feedback for non-geo tiffs.


  • Support for shortcuts.
  • Option to rewind timeframe overlays back to start.
  • Improved server generation of Viewer, Editor and Web API image tiles.
  • Attribute copy/pasting
  • Project wide attribute removal (with filters) added for Buildings, Zones, Neighborhoods, etc.