Version 2020.1.1

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Version 2020.1.1 is released on (Preview) on Friday September 20th 2019

Water Overlay

  • Shorelines: When a Waterway polygon is not correctly positioned in relation to the DEM this can result in filling up the nearby land with water at the start of the simulation. Although this is not much it will result in a lower water level then is to be expected from the water area value. To correct this we have added a "shoreline" at neighbouring cells. These shoreline cell will also be filled with water from the start, thus preventing the flush. This option can be turned on/off using the SHORELINE attribute.
  • Object Grid Alignment: Objects (culverts, pumps, weirs) are sometimes to small for the grid. For example a 1,8m culvert may fit into a single 2m gridcell and thus not connecting two cells. The rasterizer has been adjusted to accommodate for these issues and always tries to connect two grid cells by extended the object. This process is done "on the fly" during calculation (it depends on a variable grid cell size), therefor it does not adjust the original object polygon.
  • Object Correction: Objects (culverts, pumps, weirs) sometimes overlap each other and then one object becomes inactive. When this happens the rasterizer automatically moves the object start/end point by a maximum of one cell so both object are connected. This option can be turned on/off using the OBJECT_CORRECTION attribute.
  • Walls: The simulation model corrects for very steep angles in the DEM, steep angles can lead to mathematically correct super velocities (approaching infinity) which are not realistic in the natural world. To correct for this when used a wall mechanism that required a WALL_ANGLE attribute to function. Although this works perfect it depends on the variable to be set correct. We have adjusted the algorithm to handle this internally and therefore the WALL_ANGLE attribute is no longer required.
  • Finally the Quad Cell has become the default and therefore the QUAD_CELL attribute is no longer required.


  • Incompatible export CRS's are ignored.