Version 2019.8.0

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Version 2019.8.0 was released on (LTS) on Friday May 31th 2019


  • The Tygron Geodesign Platform is a powerful tool to explore various scenarios. It gives users insight into the current situation, reviews and calculates future designs and involves stakeholders in the decision-making process throughout all the stages of the project. This functionality is reflected in the new interface with three tabs (Current Situation, Future Design and Multi Stakeholders).

Larger Maps

  • Again we expanded the area you can select on the Tygron Platform to 30 square kilometres. These bigger maps allow you to take on bigger cases and expand the possibilities for your clients. You can check if your hardware will be able to run the biggest size maps by selecting the hardware test under Options at the main menu.


  • The newly developed Water Module gives clear insight in all water related subjects in your area. Too much (floods), too little (drought) and the quality of the water is all implemented and thoroughly tested. Run highly detailed simulations of floods and take into account things like breach growth, flow velocity and water depth.


  • Combine our new Water Module with the extensive Network Module that is now also available on the Tygron Platform. For instance see the effect of a flood on an electricity network in your area.

3D World

  • By linking to more and more data sources we keep working on creating a truly realistic 3D representation of your area. You can now see dramatic improvements in projects outside the Netherlands based on Open Streetmaps.

Tygron Index

  • It’s also possible to share your own developed indicators and panels on our online store, the Tygron Index. You can download calculation models that are developed by other users and use them in you own projects. You can also share any indicators that you created yourself.