Version 2019.7.3

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Version 2019.7.3 was released on (Preview) on Friday May 17th 2019


  • Improved Wizard feedback on how to correctly setup the thresholds for in- and outlets.
  • When a height is provided for the culvert this value is also used to adjust the underlying DEM. Prevents "sunken culvert" issue. Maximum distance between land and culvert for this to work is set using the attribute CULVERT_DEM_THRESHOLD_M, default 10m.
  • Bugfix for incorrect water balance when the breach area polygon is incorrect.
  • Bugfix for incorrect water balance when a sewer overflow was not connected to a sewer.
  • Fixed several smaller issues in Subsidence Overlay.
  • Fixed issue where water structures are incorrectly set when data changes.
  • Fixed issue Waterbalance panel was not always visible.

User Interface

  • 2D webviewer updates for measures/building changes.
  • Fixed ESRI login screen.
  • Fixed Forum auto login.
  • Several WIKI integration fixes.
  • Added cancel button to movie render panel.
  • Several small bugfixes, layout improvements and textual changes.

Open Street Maps

  • Linked more existing OSM data to functions and terrains.
  • Fixed issue where polygons for large OSM relation, such as water and riverbanks, were not correctly converted and constructed.


  • Improved API feedback for incorrect events.
  • Exported GeoJSON now follow the standard definition.
  • Train station is no longer a landmark function.
  • Save As cannot create a corrupt unsaved project.
  • Improved handling of Not a Number (Nan) values in GeoTiffs.
  • Added simple train model on railways.
  • Reset passwords no longer contain difficult characters (e.g. i,1,I).