Version 2019.6.1

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Version 2019.6.1 was released on (Preview) on Friday March 29th 2019


  • Levees can be activated directly from a measure: e.g. increase or lower road height.
  • Measure itself can be activated directly from editor panel.


  • Bugfix for setting initial groundwater depth via GeoTiff.
  • Pump Upper Threshold and Lower Threshold have been reimplemented to work on the correct entry locations. The Upper Threshold now works on the upper entry of the Pump and the Lower Threshold works on the lower entry of the Pump. Furthermore, their behavior is now also dependent on the direction of the Pump Speed.


  • All Attributes of functions are now visible in the API.

User Interface

  • Permission popups are disabled by default for new projects.
  • Editor Tab colors red when test run is still active in another tab.
  • Last left panel in tab remains active for faster switching between functionality.
  • Community Hub link remains accessible during test runs.
  • Added notification for downloading Debug excels of Indicators that have not yet been calculated.
  • Improved tab switching speed in Community Hub.