Version 2019.5.3

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Version 2019.5.3 is a small update released on (Preview) on Friday March 15th 2019

Rain & Flood Overlay

  • Filter invalid water object values, e.g. negative weir width.
  • Measurement tool can have two overlays now.
  • Measurement tool lines are interpolated resulting in smoother graphs.
  • The levee tool supports relative heights and can replace the original function, resulting in e.g. a road lowering of 10cm.
  • Geo Wizard can import waterways from a polygon collection.
  • The Water model DEM is adjusted to compensate for small waterways.
  • Aquifer Areas can now also have a bottom height, useful for drains at a specific depth.
  • The rainfall can be limited to a smaller area.
  • Added gravity as adjustable attribute.