Version 2019.5.0

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Version 2019.5.0 is released on (Preview) on Friday March 1st 2019

Groundwater Overlay

  • Benchmarked and validated the subsurface flow.
  • Subsurface flow can flow in multiple directions; removes small artefacts.
  • Water quality has more generic naming; substance A,B,C,D.

Rain & Flood Overlay

  • 5-6 times faster updates for Water Overlays, based on new Quad Cell algorithm and other GPU optimizations.
  • Improved loading of the surface elevation model into the GPU, resulting improved accuracy.
  • Option to add a flow angle for the Breach, resulting in more realistic breaches.


  • Beta for Tygron Index to share Indicator Excels more easily between users.
  • Sub domains can also have a maximum amount of Projects and map size.