Version 2019.2.0

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Version 2019.2.0 is released on (Preview) on Thursday November 29, 2018


  • New Measurement Tool panel to measure Overlay data. Both Point and Line data can be shown.
  • New Performance panel shows details how long it takes to recalculate the Overlays, Indicators, etc.
  • Redo layout of Editor, focused on the current situation, future and multi stakeholder.
  • Only show relevant GUI panels for these three focus areas.


  • Improved performance for large amount of TQL update Queries.
  • Improved performance for Grid based TQL Queries.
  • Better load sharing between Projects running at the same time.

Water Overlay

  • Improved visualisation of Direction Overlay.
  • Improved processing time of Wateroverlay with multiple Timeframes.
  • Improved handling of Timeframe Overlays in GUI.
  • Some small fixes in the groundwater & chemical flow.


  • Added Documentation for multiple events.

Known Issues

  • Future Tab needs extra work (e.g. no Stakeholder selection here).
  • Measurement Tool is in Beta and needs more testing.