Version 2019.1.0

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Version 2019.1.0 is released on (Preview) on Friday November 2, 2018


  • Improved performance when loading large maps.
  • Fixed several missing BRO types for underground.

Water Overlay

  • Culverts are now defined by their width and manning roughness.
  • Culverts can also have a flow-in threshold height.
  • Some small improvements to the Wizard Interface, e.g. improved sorting of areas.
  • Water areas are now prioritized, e.g. when overlapping, breaches go before water areas.
  • Some small fixes in the groundwater & chemical flow.

API & Networking

  • New API support for the smile protocol (binary json).
  • Dynamic compression in combination with smile improves download speed and locking time.
  • New location for general API events
  • Domain admins can see their active Sessions at
  • JavaScript API interaction now possible in Community Panels.

Several small changes and bug fixes

  • Bugfix for facilitators closing a session.
  • Timeframe setting bug.