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  • you've learned about training on the use of the Tygron Platform.

Quickstart training Tygron Platform

Do you want to get started quickly on your own projects using the Tygron Platform? Then sign up with your colleagues on a Quickstart training. During the quickstart, we discover which way of applying the Tygron Platform fits you best. This requires customization for each client – because each client uses the Tygron Platform in their own way. For example:
  • You want to have a quick and synoptic overview of all your data (GIS-viewer)
  • You want to involve stakeholders in your network with planning
  • You want to be able to make fast calculations on traffic, air quality, noise, heat stress, flooding or soil subsidence
  • You want to discuss different options for solutions with experts.

Details Quickstart training


In a start-up meeting, also possible by phone, we determine your learning objectives and set the details of the program for the quickstart training day. During the training, we practice with issues that occur in the area of your interest. Possible subjects, depending on your learning objectives, are:
  • How to build a 3D dynamic model for my own region?
  • How to add and export GIS-files?
  • What is the functionality of the calculation models in the Tygron Platform, how to adjust them and how to add my own models?
  • How to set-up and lead a multistakeholder session.
After the training, you are able to apply the Tygron Platform for your own projects. You will have documentation and exercises at your availability to make an effective start. You have insight in the possibilities of the Tygron Platform and what you want to learn more.
For who: max. 6 colleagues who are planning to work with projects in the Tygron Platform. There is no specific foreknowledge required, but attendance of at least one trainee with knowledge and experience in GIS is preferable.
Duration: 1 start-up meeting and 1 training day.
Location: Tygron office, The Hague
Costs: +/- 1450 € excl. VAT. per session (max 6 trainees)


In order to be able to join the training you will need minimally a three months free trial licence, with which you can get access to the basic functionalities of the Tygron Platform.


After the Quickstart you will have a full understanding of the possibilities of the Tygron Platform. Tygron has a better understanding of your goals and how you wish to use the Tygron Platform. Together we can discuss the follow-up. It is very likely that you will be able to follow-through after the quickstart individually. The Tygron Platform is well documented and can be used intuitively. Support is available, also with a free-trial.
It is also possible that more training or 'work sessions' are desired. These sessions are, even more than for the quickstart, focused on making progress on your own specific project and therefore have the character of a training-on-the-job session. We will design the sessions in interaction.


More information or sign up for a training session? Contact