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Example with theme:

Example without theme/color:

Example in nav element:

This template can either be used with a theme, or with manual configuration. The following buttons are created:

  • A main button, linking to "[link]"
  • A tutorials button, linking to "[link] getting started"
  • A overview button, linking to "[link] overview"
  • A theory button, linking to "[link] theory"
  • A benchmarks button, linking to "[link] benchmarks"


  • With a theme:
    • theme: the theme template to use
  • Without a theme:
    • image: The image to use for the first button
    • link: Main article of the subject matter
    • color: Main article of the subject matter
    • text: Main article of the subject matter

General style here (note that part of the style should be overwrite-able by parameters): MediaWiki:Common.css