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The intent of this template is to standardize order of the closing topics of an article.


  • notes: A list of minor details related to the topic. Not core information, as that should always be part of the main body of the article.
  • howtos: A list of how-to articles specifically related to how to perform actions related to the topic of the article. No link aliasses, as the titles of how-to's are self-descriptive.
  • videos: A list of videos. Should use the {{video}} template.
  • related: A list of topics related in the same order of articles. To be used for, for example, articles on calculation models and formulas.
  • seealso: A list of articles for related topics. No link aliasses, as the titles of articles are self-descriptive.
  • external: A list of links loading to other sites. May be aliassed.
  • references: The list of references. Should contain the entire references tag with {{ref}} templates. I.e: <references>{{ref|srm1|name=etc}}</references>