How to use the Query Tool to test queries from an Excel Indicator spreadsheet

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Query error message

The Query Tool can be used to check the validity of queries that were created outside the Tygron Platform. For example, consider the following query:


This query seems to look good on paper, the string makes sense: Give the floor size of all municipal offices that are located in the safe zone. However, when uploading the query in a spread sheet for an Excel Indicator, the query will result in an error. If the user first attempts to recreate the query in the Tygron Platform Query Tool, he will notice that the clause STAKEHOLDER_IS_MUNICIPALITY is incorrect. The Tygron Platform assigns fixed numbers to stakeholders, in this case a '0'. The correct clause should read STAKEHOLDER_IS_0, and the full Query should be


How to use the Query Tool to test queries from an Excel Indicator spreadsheet:
  1. Create a query outside of the Tygron Platform (e.g. on a spreadsheet)
  2. Load or create a project with the project area in the Editor
  3. Select EditorToolsQuery Tool
  4. Recreate the query from the spreadsheet in the Tygron Platform Query Tool
  5. Observe if the Query from the tool matches the query created outside the Tygron Platform
  6. Observe if the output result matches expectations