How to import and assign a texture in ArcGIS Pro

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Below the steps on how to import and assign a texture to 3D models in ArcGIS Pro.

How to import texture map and assign to model in ArcGIS Pro:
  1. In ArcGIS Pro select the imported multipatch model from the contents pane.
  2. Got to "Edit" and select the "Modify" button from the "Features" Section of the tab. The "modify features" pane appears on the right side.
  3. Expand "Reshape" and click Multipatch texture.
  4. In the pane, click Active Select and select the multipatch feature.
  5. The selected feature appears in a list, and the editing toolbar appears at the bottom of the scene.
  6. Click Load Texture. A file browser appears
  7. Click Apply.

To learn more about applying textures to a multipatch feature in ArcGIS Pro go to (Applying textures to Multipatch feature)


  • When importing the model into the Tygron Platform, keep in mind that currently wrap mode: repeat is not supported in atlas textures
  • Also only textures in JPEG format are supported
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