How to calculate the hourly wind direction

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The hourly wind direction from the KNMI weather data table column DD is presented in degrees and oriented towards the north, which means we can use it directly.

Tutorial hourly wind direction (Heat Overlay).png

Column Name Unit Dutch Description
2/B YYYYMMDD Date datum (YYYY=jaar,MM=maand,DD=dag)
3/C HH Hour tijd (HH=uur, UT.12 UT=13 MET, 14 MEZT. Uurvak 05 loopt van 04.00 UT tot 5.00 UT
4/D DD Degrees Windrichting (in graden) gemiddeld over de laatste 10 minuten van het afgelopen uur (360=noord, 90=oost, 180=zuid, 270=west, 0=windstil 990=veranderlijk. Zie [1]


  • The values at each hour regard the measurement over the preceding hour up to that time. To obtain the value for 12:00 UTC, the values at 12:00 UTC must be used.

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