How to calculate the hourly humidity

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The hourly humidity can be selected directly from the U column of the KNMI weather data, since it is provided as a percentage and also required as a percentage.

Tutorial hourly humidity (Heat Overlay).png

Column Name Unit Dutch Description
2/B YYYYMMDD Date datum (YYYY=jaar,MM=maand,DD=dag)
3/C HH Hour tijd (HH=uur, UT.12 UT=13 MET, 14 MEZT. Uurvak 05 loopt van 04.00 UT tot 5.00 UT
20/S U % Relatieve vochtigheid (in procenten) op 1.50 m hoogte tijdens de waarneming


  • The values at each hour regard the measurement over the preceding hour up to that time. To obtain the value for 12:00 UTC, the values at 12:00 UTC must be used.

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