Discharge method (Watershed Overlay)

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The discharge method can be configured to the following settings:

Option Description
HEIGHT_MINIMA Restricted to absolute height data. Flow is directed to cells of lower height. For each local height minimum a watershed is created.
WATER_TERRAINS Restricted to directional data. Each water polygon starts as a unique discharge area.
SPECIFIC_AREAS Restricted to directional data. Only water cells that intersect with a defined discharge area start as that discharge area. An additional step is added to the watershed algorithm, where discharge areas are expanded to include neighboring unassigned water cells. Discharge area can also expand to water cells that are connected by culverts. After this step, some water cells can still be unassigned. Depending on the option Discharge remaining water, the remaining connected water cells are assigned to newly created discharge areas.


  • The HEIGHT-MINIMA option without the use of discharge areas can quickly create too many watersheds.

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