Version 2019.1.1

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Version 2019.1.1 is released on (Preview) on Friday November 9, 2018

Grid Overlays

  • Max cell amount increased from 100 million to 1 billion grid cells.
  • Minimum of 100 timeframes for overlays.
  • New GPU Cluster added for more calculation capacity.

Water Overlay

  • Improved usability of WaterOverlay's timeframe sliders.
  • Improved water on slope calculations for Groundwater Waterbalance results.
  • Improved efficiency and performance of GridOverlay calculations, especially on large grids.


  • Fixed a bug where manually raising and lowering the DEM did not actually change any heights.


  • Added parameter indexes in API Event pages and InputException messages, such that users are informed which provided parameter was wrong.

General bugfixes

  • Fixed enabling grid exports in the Editor during test runs.
  • Fixed creating new empty projects using templates.
  • Fixed generating difference legend when normal legend was already customized.
  • Fixed login ip blocks on wrong passwords.