How to download Aerius results

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This functionality is currently unavailable or non-functional.
Download last Aerius Result
How to download Aerius results:
  1. Add the Aerius Overlay.
  2. Configure the Aerius Overlay by completing the Aerius Configuration Wizard.
  3. After calculating the results, make sure the Aerius Overlay is selected in the left panel.
  4. In the right panel, click on Download Last Aerius Result. A zip file folder with the emission sources and results will be downloaded.


  • The zip file folder contains a GML file. The GML file contains the calculated results (nitrogen deposition on Natura2000 areas) as well as the entered values per emission source.
  • The GML file can be imported in the Aerius Calculator. When importing the file in the Aerius Calculator, only the emission sources and entered values will be imported.

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