How to create a new Project

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The Tygron Platform provides the ability to generate a project based on real data. After selecting the area on the map, the wizard will populate the project with buildings and terrain type, based on data from Open Street Maps and land register data if available. Roads and structures will be placed accordingly, and terrain will be shaped with rivers and banks, instantly creating a recognizable 3D Visualization of the project area based on the area lay out in real life.

Main menu → Editor → New Project
How to generate a project based on real data:
  1. Log in to the online Tygron Platform
  2. Select New Project
  3. Name the project as desired
  4. Opt to create a new project, or to base it on a template.
  5. When creating a new project, set the localization options.
  6. When using a template, select the template which the new Project should be based on.
  7. Select the desired language, and continue.
  8. Select the size of the project area with the slider
  9. Navigate to or search for your location with the search bar if needed
  10. Select the desired location by moving the square to the location of your choice. To move the square use the left mouse button, to move the map use the right mouse button
  11. Choose to use the selection on the map and all it's connected geographical data or create an empty project
  12. Start creating the project by selecting the Generate map button
  13. Let the Wizard generate the area
  14. After the rendering process is complete, continue editing the newly created project.