High ground water prequel (Waterwijzer Overlay)

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The initial high groundwater level in the Waterwijzer Module at the start of the simulation can be initialized using a prequel Grid Overlay. In the Waterwijzer Overlay Wizard it is possible to select one of the Default datasets provided, to import and create a GeoTIFF Overlay or to do nothing and proceed with the next step.

Default data

For the Netherlands, a number of groundwater GeoTIFFs are provided by default, based on data provided by The Netherlands Hydrological Instrumentarium:

  • NL_GHG_kk-nhi (Average highest watertable)
  • NL_GLG_kk-nhi (Average lowest watertable)
  • NL_GVG_kk-nhi (Average spring watertable)

These GeoTIFFs can be linked to the Waterwijzer Overlay using a GeoTIFF Overlay and referencing it with this prequel.


  • Specified as m below terrain height.
  • When no prequel is specified, the calculation for the Waterwijzer Overlay will end and report an error that input grids are missing.

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