Water Storage (Indicator)

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  • you've learned what the water storage indicator is.
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Water storage

Water storage is the capacity for the area within the 3D World to collect water during heavy rainfall.

How is the water storage indicator implemented in the Tygron Platform?

The right panel with the water storage indicator selected.

The water storage indicator tallies how much water can be stored in the event of heavy rainfall. Water storage is traditionally realized by creating bodies of water, but can also be supplemented with innovative methods of water storage. Innovative methods of water storage include buildings with green or water roofs, and water-permeable surfaces.

Because innovative forms of water storage often rely on other parties (for example, companies that have roofs capable of storing water), it is often preferable to rely on innovative storage only up to a certain point, and have most water storage capacity in the form of traditional storage methods (i.e. open water).

Indicator targets

The water storage indicator has 2 values for a target.

Total amount of water storage that has to be achieved.
The amount of water that must be able to be stored.
Max allowed innovative (greenroofs, etc) percentage of the storage.
The percentage of water storage that can be in the form of innovative storage. Any innovative storage beyond this percentage is not counted towards the total of the indicator. For example, if the total amount of water storage that has to be achieved is 500, and the maximum percentage of innovative storage is 60%, any innovative water storage beyond 300 is not counted towards the total water storage.

Indicator settings

This indicator has 1 additional setting.

The right panel with the additional settings of the indicator.

Default water level

The water storage indicator also has an additional field for the "default water level". The default water level value is multiplied by the surface area of a body of water to determine the water storage capacity of the body of water. For example, a water body of 100m², and a default water level value of 0.3, means 30m³ of water can be stored.

Indicator properties

This indicator is a global indicator. This means the indicator and its target are the same for all stakeholders.

This indicator is represented with a progress bar, representing a scale of 0 to 100% score.

This indicator functions by calculation. The amount of water storage realized is a tally of the amount of traditional water storage, supplemented with the amount of innovative water storage. The maximum amount of water storage counted this way is the maximum innovative water storage percentage of the total amount of water storage that has to be achieved.

This indicator scores per zone. For each zone, a score for the amount of water storage is calculated. The score on this indicator as a whole is the average of the scores per zone.