Version 2022.7.3

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Version LTS 2022.7.3 is a small update on on August 30th 2022.

Bug fixes

  • Bugfix for Flooding Breach Area, when breach height is higher then DEM.
  • Bugfix for DPRA Heat Overlay, causing small differences on recalculation.
  • Improved Trigger test feedback.
  • Bugfix for specific TQL query starting with a number in the value name.
  • Bugfix for removing addresses from netloads.
  • Improved consistency in accepted passwords.
  • Bugfix for water overlay graph with no weather selected.
  • Improved interface when adding new function values.
  • Bugfix for exporting Buildings with no Owner.
  • Added support for AMD Ryzen 9 CPU.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.