Version 2019.8.2

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Version 2019.8.2 was released on (LTS) on Friday July 12th 2019


As a result of the ESRI & Tygron Innovation sprint we have added a few small features:

  • WMS Support: You show the basic background and overlays from the Tygron projects in other applications, e.g. ArcGIS or QGIS (Tools -> Web Interface -> Show WMS Url).
  • ArcGIS Viewer: You can also show these WMS overlays directly in the ArcGIS Online Viewer (Tools -> Web Interface -> Show in ArcGIS Viewer).
  • API Users can also download e.g. buildings in the GeoJSON format.

These are just the first integration steps, more is still to come...


  • Small bugfix for Measurement tool.
  • Fix for Overlays selection.
  • Improved action log export.