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Using the vector base data we can also change the way our Indicators work. These become more accurate and thus we have also increased the accuracy of the other data that is stored in the Tygron Platform. For example we are now storing all currency values in 64 bit floating point precision (previously 32 bit).

Another part of rewriting the indicator code is that it allows us to make some generic changes to how the work. All new Indicators will be based on "building blocks" that are based on variables and operators. So for example the old Green (Indicator) will become a "building block" indicator that takes the amount of green per building (a changable variable defined for each function) and divides (operator) it by another variable the amount of houses in the Zone (see Zoning ).

This allow users to create all kinds of different indicators based on their own defined variables and operators.

So we will have all kinds of new indicators but also a few old ones will be removed (e.g. the Water System Indicator).