Starting the editor with an Empty World

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This article may contain references or images in the style of the old Tygron Platform.
Main menu → Editor → New Project
In some situations it might be desired to generate a 3D world that is not based on real data. For instance when a project needs to be created around a fictional area, or when a project only needs to be created to quickly place and view a construction. In such a case it is possible to select in the wizard the option to generate a project not based on real data. The result will be a 3D world without any constructions and with a default grassland terrain. These will need to be added manually, in the editor.

How to generate a project not based on real data:

  1. Log in to the online Tygron Platform
  2. Select "Start Editor" from the main menu Editor section
  3. Select "New Project"
  4. Name the project as desired
  5. Select localization settings and continue
  6. Select the option "No" when asked to use real data and continue
  7. Set the size of the area to be generated and continue
  8. Add more stakeholders if desired from the drop down menu and continue
  9. Add at least one indicator and continue
  10. Couple indicator(s) and stakeholder(s)
  11. Confirm all selections and continue
  12. Notice an empty 3D world is generated