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After reading this page:

  • you've learned what starting screens are in the Tygron Platform.
  • you've learned which starting screens appear when starting a session.

Starting screens

Starting screens are the screens which appear when a user enters a session. They serve as a gradual introduction into the session. The starting screens provide information on the session so that the participants can correctly take on their role, and have a general understanding of the issues at stake. The starting screens also serve to set up the users properly in the session, for example by having the participants select a stakeholder. The starting screens are considered a part of the user interface.

You can progress through the starting screens by clicking "Continue" at the bottom right of the screen. When you need to make a selection on a starting screen, you must first make the selection before the "Continue" button becomes available.

 Progressing through the starting screens:

  1. See who contributed to the project and click "Continue".
  2. Read the introduction text and click "Continue".
  3. If not yet provided, provide a team name and click "Continue".
  4. Select a stakeholder and click "Continue".
  5. Read about your assignment and click "Continue" to continue to the 3D world.

Contributors Screen

Interface starting screen contributors.jpg

The contributor screen is the first screen visible when joining a session. It displays, in random order, the parties who have contributed to the project. It is also the waiting screen during multiplayer sessions. Until the session host starts the session, the "Continue" button will not be visible. When the session is started in single player or in the editor mode, the "Continue" button is always immediately visible.

Project description screen

Project explanation screen.jpg

The project description screen displays an image related to the project, as well as a description about the session in general. You can read this information to become better acquainted with the issues which the project focuses on, and to learn how the project in general is related to issues present in a real world situation. You can click "Continue" to continue.

Team Name Screen

Session name screen.jpg

The team name screen allows a user to provide a team name. Each team (even in single player) has a team name. The first user to enter a name and click "Continue" will decide the name for the team. The "Continue" button is only available when a team name is entered. If a team name is already chosen, you can only click "Continue".

Stakeholder Selection Screen

Stakeholder selection screen.jpg

The stakeholder selection screen allows a participant to select a stakeholder. This determines which role the user will take on while participating. The choice of stakeholder will determine the objectives, indicators and actions available to the participant. Each stakeholder can only be selected by one participant per team. If a stakeholder is already selected in a team, it can no longer be selected by another participant in the same team. After selecting a stakeholder, you can click "Continue" to confirm that selection.

Assignment Screen

Stakeholder indicator screen.jpg

The last screen is the assignment screen. This screen displays the assignment for the specific stakeholder you have selected. A pie chart shows the relative importance of each indicator for the selected stakeholder. Each section of the pie chart can be selected for more information on that indicator. You can click "Continue" when you are finished reading about your assignment and indicators. You will then continue to the 3D World.