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If your computer has a high resolution in excess of 1920×1080, it may be configured to use text and screen scaling to create a crisp and readable Windows experience. However, the Tygron Platform currently cannot use the computer's scaling settings, resulting in some text and images being excessively small. To correct this, please adjust the resolution of the computer to a setting which is readable with 100% scaling (meaning no scaling adjustments to text by Windows).

How to disable Windows scaling in Windows 10:

  1. Right-click on the desktop and select "Display settings".
  2. Note that the "Scaling" of text and apps is set to more than 100%.
  3. Set the screen resolution to 192x1080, or something of equivalent detail
  4. If it hasn't changed automatically, change the scaling setting to 100%.
  5. (Re)start the Tygron Platform. The application should now be more readable.