Project Session Checklists

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A project session in progress
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When hosting a project session there are many factors which will contribute to making the session a success. The following checklist will help prepare the session. The following checklist assumes all stakeholders will participate from the same physical location.


When hosting a project session there will be the following things to take care of:

  • Arrange a facilitator
  • Reserve a location
  • Check the available hardware with the requirements and licenses.
  • Internet connection present
  • Formal versus informal setting
  • Projector, whiteboard, flipover or other presentational materials.
  • Send the invitations
  • Arrange a lunch and/or drinks.


The type of information typically mentioned on the invitation.

  • Date
  • Location
  • Facilitator
  • Whether to send a confirmation
  • Requirements to participate (knowledge or otherwise)

The Session

A session is often scheduled for at least half a day. To make optimal use of the concentration of the participants it is worth wile to plan breaks and have drinks and other necessities available.

  • Program for the day
  • Hardware in place and tested (test connecting to a hosted session server)
  • Offline material in place
  • Presentation in place

A typical session schedule

  • Time schedule for the session
  • Introductory presentation
  • Session with breaks for toilet, drinks and sessions reflections so far.
  • Final results, conclusion and reflection on lessons learned