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Actions available in the Tygron Platform are divided into the three groups listed below. Most groups are also subdivided into subgroups.


The Right Panel displaying a partially expanded list of options for actions.

Functions are the construction options, i.e. actions which have to do with planning new constructions.

For more information on available Construction Options, see Functions.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing contains actions related to affordable housing: Flats (various types), Old social housing (various types), Social housing (various types), etc.


Agriculture contains actions related to agriculture: Floating crops, Farms, Corn Fields etc.


Education contains actions related to educational buildings: Basis educational buildings, emergency classrooms, labs, primary schools etc.


Gardens contains actions related to gardens: Simple Garden, Normal Garden, Fenced Garden, etc.


Healthcare contains actions related to healthcare: Healthcare farm, Healthcare hotel, Hospital, etc.


Industry contains actions related to industrial buildings: Biorefinery, Silo's, Warehouses, Chimney, etc.


Leisure contains actions related to leisure buildings: Sports center, Swimming Pool, Theatre, Tennis Court, etc.

Market Housing

Market Housing contains actions related to market housing: different types of housing, apartments, shops with houses, etc.


Nature contains actions related to nature: Trees, Orchard, Reeds.


Offices contains actions related to Offices: Classic Offices, Luxurious Offices, Old Offices, Offices with shops, etc.


Other contains assorted actions: Cemetary, Trash bins, Windmill and a few others.


Parks contains actions related to Parks: City Park, Fountain, Pocket Park, Vegetable garden, etc.


Roads contains actions related to infrastructure and roads: Asphalt roads (various types), Bicycle path, Cobblestone roads, Train tracks, etc.

Senior Housing

Senior Housing contains actions related to senior housing: Senior Housing (Standard) and Senior Housing (Luxurious).

Shops and restaurants

Shops and restaurants contains actions related to shops and restaurants: Chip shop, Convenience store, Office with shops, Houses with Shops, etc.


Squares contains actions related to public Squares: Parking Spaces, Playground, Watersquare, Skate park etc.

Student Housing

Student Housing contains actions related to student housing: Cheap student housing, Student Housing (various types), Student Containers, etc.

Top Market Housing

Top Market Housing contains actions related to luxurious housing: Luxury Apartments, Modern Villa, Old Villa, Monumental House, etc.


Underground contains an action related to underground: Drainage Culvert.

Underground (with topside)

Underground (with topside) contains an action related to Underground (with topside): Tunnelling shield.

Special Options

Extra options have all actions defined which have to do with transferring money, transferring property, or demolishing.


Land contains actions related to ownership: Buy land, Sell land


Sculpting contains actions related to raising or lowering land: Raise land, Open Water


Finance contains actions related to financial operations: Finance view, Transfer money, Request subsidy, Bank Loans.


Demolish contains actions related to demolishing: Demolish, Demolish vacant buildings, Revert, Demolish underground.


Inbox contains an action related to messages: Inbox.


Measures contains all the measures created in the project. This list is empty by default, until at least one measure is present in the project.


Upgrades contains all the upgrade types available in the project. For the list of default upgrade types, see upgrades. Upgrade types defined by the user are also added to this list.


Dikes contains all the levee types created in the project. This list is empty by default, until at least one levee type is present in the project.

Event Bundles

Event Bundles contains all the event bundless created in the project. This list is empty by default, until at least one event bundle is present in the project.