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All education related (learning) materials are presented on this page in a clear manner. Over time, this page will be supplemented with new materials.

EDU Manual

Edu manual feature 2.jpg

The Tygron EDU Manual is created for educational institutes to help implement using the Tygron Platform in their curriculum. In this manual a range of example use cases is provided like group assignments and intership assignments. Also per use case the relevant learning materials are provided.

Demo Projects

Demo projects.jpg

The demo projects are available in all domain types and can be found after logging in under Edit Project. Based on the subject all Demo projects can be used in courses to introduce students to the use of the Tygron Platform. In our experience, lecturers create some questions based on the steps you go over in the demo project. For example a question for the Demo Breach project: How much time is the flooding modelled and in how many steps? The students answer the questions and afterwards they have developed a skill set and the lecture has a deliverable to grade.

Getting started

For all educational institutes we advice to make use of all learning materials in the Tygron learning section. Per theme, that suites your course, a range of materials is made available. As a lecture the domain management section is relevant, for creating user accounts for students and version control is relevant to share with students when they start working on their own project. When students set to work themselves, they can use the Basics information and then work on a specialized topic that is relevant to the course they are doing.