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What is indicator weight?

Indicator weight is the state or quality of being significant, influential, or worthy of note or esteem.

Indicator weight related to the Tygron Platform

In the Tygron Platform the weight signifies the amount of concern a stakeholder has for his interests, reflected by the indicators assigned to the stakeholder. The indicator weight is the weight given to these indicators. To illustrate this; a project developer has a commercial interest and will have a huge stake in making a profit. His weight to the Budget (Indicator) would be 80%. Livability in the area has an indirect impact on the profit and will be of much less or even no concern. This would mean that his weight for the Livability (Indicator) indicator could be 10%.
A municipality usually has no objective to make a profit but is mainly responsible for maintaining the livability for the inhabitants. Livability is thus an important interest for this stakeholder (Livability (Indicator): 40%), while the only financial concern for this stakeholder will be to not go negative on the finance indicator (Budget (Indicator): 20%). These differences in weight have a direct impact on the strategies for each stakeholder.

Influence of indicator weights on sessions

The weight of an indicator has a huge impact on sessions. Some targets are easy to achieve, but because of the low weight of the indicator, they will have a relative small impact on the total score. The reverse can also be true, as some objectives are difficult to realize and are also heavily weighted. This can be a reason why certain solutions can be very difficult to implement. The indicator weight is a mechanism to guide a participant's focus in a certain intended direction; the more a weight is attributed to an indicator, the easier its impact on the progression and total score is noticed.

Adjusting indicator weights in a project

For information on adjusting the indicator weights see:Adjusting indicator weights
When creating or editing a project, indicators can be assigned to specific stakeholders. By setting the weight of an indicator, it is possible to reflect the stakeholders' measure of concern in the project. Indicator weights are properties of a stakeholder. It is not possible to completely remove the weight. If the weight is set to 0.0 the indicator will be removed from the stakeholder completely. However it is possible to set the weight to f.e. 0.0001% so the importance is so low that it will (almost) not count.

Calculation of indicator weight percentage

When assigning indicators to stakeholders in the stakeholder panel, a second field is also available to register the indicator weight, the default value is 0.1. In the below image, the stakeholder has four indicators, each with an indicator weight of 0.1. This results in the following: 4 indicators x 0.1 (indicator weight) = 0.4 (total indicator weight = 100%). Because all four values are equal in the above example, an weight of 0.1 refers to 25% of the stakeholder's total indicator weight, which is always 100%.

Calculation Method

Total Weight = Indicator weight (1) + Indicator Weight (2) + ...
Total Weight % = 100% / Total Weight
Indicator Weight % = Indicator weight (1) * Total Weight %

Calculation Method (Example)

In this calculation example we will use 3 indicators, Indicator (1) with indicator weight 6, Indicator (2) with indicator weight 0.1, Indicator (3) with indicator weight 0.1.

Total Weight = 6 + 0.1 + 0.1
Total Weight = 6.2

Total Weight % = 100% / 6.2
Total Weight % = 16.12

Indicator Weight (1) = 6 * 16.12
Indicator Weight (1) percentage = 97%

Indicator Weight (2) = 0.1 * 16.12%
Indicator Weight (2) percentage = 2%

Indicator Weight (3) = 0.1 * 16.12%
Indicator Weight (3) percentage = 2%

Indicator weight appearance

These values of indicator weight are displayed on the Stakeholder Assignment Panel. This panel contains a pie chart, graphically representing the indicator weight of the assigned indicators.
The indicator weight is presented to the users when opening an indicator panel on the top bar. Immediately below the indicator name the indicator is displayed in a percentage.
When the user chooses to adjust the weight of an indicator, the pie chart and indicator panels will all adjust accordingly.