How to remove Constructions generated by the Water Connection Generator

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While working with the Water Connection Generator, it's not uncommon that certain settings are used to generate Constructions but that the final result is not (yet) satisfactory. In these situations, it is possible to automatically remove all Constructions of the specified type from the project area, so that the generator can be used again.

Editor → Current Situation (Ribbon tab) → Buildings (Ribbon bar) → Generate Water Connections (Dropdown)

How to remove Constructions generated by the Water Connection Generator.:

  1. In the "function" dropdown, select the Function of which you want to remove all Constructions.
  2. In the "applied to" dropdown, select whether to remove Constructions from the entire map, only near the current viewpoint, or from a specific Neighborhood.
  3. Select "Remove Generated" to remove the Constructions.


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