How to modify your project's WFS url to filter on attributes

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When using the WFS endpoint from the Tygron Platform, the used URL can be modified to add additional data or filters to the data. Geographical data can be filtered by their attributes. I.e. a url can be modified so that only features with a specific attribute are made available.

How to filter WFS data on attributes:
  1. Find the geographical data you wish to export and select its export option
  2. In the export window, select the "with attribute" option
  3. Select the attribute you wish to filter on
  4. At the export options, select the "Copy URL" option of the Web Feature Service
  5. The desired url is not copied on your clipboard, and can be pasted in your desired GIS application.

This will change a url of the following form, which retrieves all constructions:

into a url of the following form, which only exposes constructions with the "MONUMENTAL" attribute:

The WFS endpoint can also be further specifc by adding a category:

Combined with an attribute, you can even access the following WFS endpoint:

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