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As a GIS specialist you can make use of the Tygron Platform to get insight in the completeness of available GIS data and edit the data to create new exports. Both the automatically imported data and manually imported data can be processed and exported. All GIS related learning materials are presented on this page in a clear manner. For expample, these materials will help you understand how to import and export data and import 3D models. Or how to prepair your own data set to import the data into the Tygron Platform. Over time, this page will be supplemented with new materials.

Demo project

Take a look at this photorealistic project of San Francisco. With the use of an I3S Scene Layer of San Francisco the 3D model is created and further enriched with OpenStreetMap data and open data of San Francisco. A spatial analysis on the sky view factor in this high-rise urban area is demonstrated. View this project if you are working in fields such as GIS, BIM, data analysis, 3D visualization, urban planning and architecture. The demo project is available in all domain types and can be found after logging in under Edit Project. Demo San Francisco Project

How to's


  • This Geo Data tutorial helps you to understand how the manual import of Geo data works in the Tygron Platform.


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