GIF Animation

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The Tygron Platform offers an option to create a GIF Animation from Overlays with timeframes. This option offers an alternative to making a Video or Screenshot from a simulation.

How to create a GIF

Editor → Tools (Ribbon tab) → Screenshot (Ribbon bar)

How to:

  1. Select the Overlay from which you want to create a GIF
  2. Select in the editor Tools from the ribbon
  3. Hover over the Screenshot button
  4. Click on the Create a GIF Animation Now button
  5. A GIF is now created and stored in the location which you can see in the bottom panel.
  6. Optionally, settings for the GIF can be changed in the bottom panel. Settings are the duration (the time it takes before all the timeframes are played), the scale, which timeframes should be in the GIF and if the GIF should be played in a loop.